In the name of God

By the end of the imposed war against Iran, some of the young artists of the country whose presence in this war has gained them valuable experiences founded the “Misagh Cultural Center” in order to record, to reflect and to publish truths and values of the Islamic Revolution and The Holy Defence inside the country and also overseas.

Some of the honors acquired by colleagues at this Cultural Center, and definitely with God’s intervention, include, holding the first gatherings and camps of the war regions in early 1990s which was later known as “light travelers”, publishing and releasing millions of annuals, posters and other written works, holding a great deal of meetings and summits on different occasions in and out of the country, holding various assemblies about martyrs of Islamic Revolution, Muslims all over the world and all the innocent people in other countries, sending different teams of documentary directors to Muslim countries which are facing harsh crisis, having a great deal of art exhibits which depict the culture of our revolution and values of the Holy Defense in and out of the country, holding film and art festivals with focus on worldwide justice and the Islamic Revolution, and also, hiring and organizing young active people in different parts of the country.