News Summary:   Artna: did you took photos of hands of Gana children’s by Israelis and prepare report? Did you present there for 6 month? How about three month?
Date: 02/10/2010      Time: 18:37
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In recent nights Alfred Yaghobzadeh resident in Paris whom take photo for foreign Agencies, in holy defense week, talked with “Tamasha” program of Persian BBC and claim that took photos of Iraqi prisoners that killed in mass by Iranian fighters but he destroyed them. He claimed that this event take place in victory of Dezful. But this city never occupied by Iraqi soldiers, let alone in the victory of Dezful.
In this program that repeated a lot, BBC announced that this photographer’s was present in war for three years and said that he is worthy to praise by foreign society. Alfred told that in war Iranian ounded him and interrogates him for photos that didn’t exist.
Reza Borji, photographer and documentary film maker of Holy defense has ideas about distortions of BBC and its interested photos. Borji tells that Alfred Yaghobzadeh is a Christian. While he took photos in war he sold them to foreigners. 95% of photographer went war for their beliefs and religious aims and Alfred Yaghobzadeh didn’t same as them.

We didn’t fight for territories
If he was in the war he should know that from ten flags, only one of them was Iran’s flag and nine of them was for Imams and Zhara( peace be upon him), daughter of Prophet Mohammad. So our fight was a holy war. If he was there he should knew that what was written at back of the fighter’s cloths.
Imam Khomeini told in the resolution that from now on Iran will be the place for preparing peoples who want to fight against global arrogance. We didn’t fight for territories. This man understood something else from war.

You were rich, but we sold our cameras to turn back home.
I went Chechnya for taking photo. He also went there for taking photo. I went Bosnia, he also went there. 
Mr. Alfred Yaghobzadeh! When you were wounded there, france government request both sides to end war, so an airplane came and enplaned you. Its rent was 60000 $. After that France president came and gave you Medal of Honor. Some years ago Yadollah Samadian published this news.
The intresting issue here is when we work in Bosnia with Mohammad Sadri, after finishing our responsibility we wanted to come back but we didn’t have money so we sell our cameras.
We weren’t the same as Alfred Yaghobzadeh, whom pocket was full of money. I saw myself that foreign photographers stop ambulances and brought out wounded and killed people and took photo from them.
One of Afghans commander told me you are here for years, if you want I can cut some Taliban’s prisoner’s head  and you take photo and sell them to foreign agencies to earn some dollars. It means that foreign agencies come and wants him to this before.
What I had done and if you are in the same situation what you will do?
In that days I saw a tree that Taliban cut some peoples head and put them on that tree. If a photographer whom didn’t has religious bios saw that scene can earn lots of money. At least 40 peoples head was put on that tree. In that night I gave 50 or 100 dollar to some Afghanis to put them down and destroy the scene completely. Otherwise in the morning it has either made peoples moral week and western reporters would claim that Muslim done this things to Muslims.
If you were there, you will definitely take photos and will sell them.
I saw photographers like you in war that produce scenes and take photos in war. You think and work like this. After two years you edited your photos and show it as Khoramshar’s resistant. Peoples the same as Alfred Yaghobzadeh if said something different than that will make us surprise. Because some of photographers only work for agencies. 
In period of war I rarely took corpse photos, I only took two photos. When Iran  went through Kirkuk only three or four Iraqi soldiers died and western photographer took photos from one corpse from 20 angles and in different places and in that time I decided to take photo from that corpse to fight against this scenery of them.

Money is the story of professionalism
A lot of BBC and CNN and … only works for money. They are also professional. Sometimes they also be sad when they saw a scene but their aim is money.
Mr. Alfred Yaghobzadeh’s aim was money.
If it wasn’t their aim so they should go Chechnya and took photos of disasters took place there but they show Muslims that killed other Muslims.
He is professional but this shouldn’t lead to taking out a corps from ambulance and took photos from it.
We shouldn’t insult a corpse of human only for making money.

Our difference from Alfred Yaghobzadeh in Avinies view
Avini told that in one condition you can took photos from Martyrs and it’s a time that he shouldn’t notice you bexause in that case his attention will be on world and will died thinking of worlds.
I will not take photos of a dying person when he notice me, even if it leads that 100000 people came to war because of that photo.

How many days you were in war?
How many days you were in war Mr. Alfred Yaghobzadeh? Or when did you enter in the Lebanon war? Did you go to a place that Israeli soldiers killed 60 people? Did you report childrens that their hands and legs cut by them?  
This photo is doubtful?
About the famous photo that Alfred Yaghobzadeh claims it is a young fighter that went to war because of fear of his father, I can tell that it is the same as other photos of him that is scenery or in training. And it is obvious that we can tell everything about someone that isn’t present.
You claimed that his father send him to war with force. Is it possible that a father sends his son to war but he himself didn’t go?
About being beside Shahid Chamran, do you have someone else that saw both of you there? Maybe he is alone in the war.

You work for agencies, I work for my leader
Mr. Alfred Yaghobzadeh we are both Iranian but we are different.
You work for an agency but I work for my leaders ideals.
You are hurry up for publishing your photos I hurry up for showing Israeli’s crimes.
You said that the war is between terrorist Hezbollahs and Israelis, but I said the war is between Zionists and Hezbollah who are Imam’s fighters. They follow Imam and a person who follows Imam.
Our difference is here. Your difference with Saeed Sadeghi and Ali Freidoni is here.
Maybe you taught in France universities and you are a better photographer but you work only for money and agencies but we work for our ideas and aims. 
I fight and write and wounded for my ideals. They pulled my nails in Afghanistan because of my ideals. I am leader’s fighter and whose fighter are you?
I am leader’s fighter even if you tell me hired fighter. I fight for leader and will give my life for this idea. And I went for 14 wars and took photos.
How many times you were in Afghanistan? I was 18 times there. That sometimes I was 8 or 9 months there. Mr. Alfred Yaghobzadeh I was 50% disabled for my opinion. How about you? 

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