Mehr News Agency, Iran:
Tehran Municipality Buys War Photos
    2004/03/08 18:03      
TEHRAN March 8 (Mehr News Agency) -- In an unprecedented move the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality purchased the photos taken by Iranian photographer Reza Borji at a cost of Rls2b during the opening ceremony held on Sunday evening for his exhibition in Paidari Cultural Center at Behesht Gallery. 
About 15,000 photos, taken from the contemporary wars in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Karabakh, and Ghana were submitted to the head of the cultural center Seyyed Yasser Hashtrudi. 
Borji had received many bids from abroad offering higher price for the works. 
I preferred my works to remain in my country. so I refrained from selling them to foreigners,'' said Borji. 
Borji took many outstanding photos from the Iraqi imposed war against Iran during the years 1980-1988. He has been hospitalized owing to injuries caused by the chemical weapons in this war.
In order to train young photographers, the organization plans to establish a venue dubbed `Tasvir-e No Foundation'' (New Picture Foundation) for Reza Borji.
I hope the organization will soon establish the foundation for Borji where he can impart his experiences to young photographers,'' said Hashtrudi.
The exhibition, which is underway at Behesht Gallery, will continue until March 16th.

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