Narrated by "Ahmad Mostafa" and directed by "Mohsen Eslamzadeh",
Al-Alam Channel, broadcasts the documentary of "The Sunni Muslims in Iran"
    2014/01/15 22:33      

The 6-episode documentary movie "The Sunni Muslims in Iran" is a narrative of Ahmad''s 11000 kilometers tour in Iran. Ahmad Mostafa, Egyptian political analyst and activist has traveled to Iran for the purpose of meeting Sunni Muslims in Iran and finding out their conditions there. He met various ethnic groups in 70 days, with the companion of the documentary filmmaker "Mohsen Eslamzadeh", who depicted the meetings of Ahmad with his Coreligionists.   


Mystries of Abu Salim Prison" and " The Uprising of Sahara" are other documentaries directed by Eslamzade.


"The Sunni Muslims in Iran" will be broadcasted by Al-Alam Channel every day at 5pm, from Wednesday 15-1-2014 until Monday 20-1-2014.


This documentary is produced by Seid Salim Ghafouri, written by Mostafa Alhariri and produced on the recommendation of "Haqiqat" documentary center.


Directors of photography: Mohsen Eslamzadeh, Abas Oqbaai and Mohammad Fathi.


Editors: Ismael Alizade and Mehdi Khoshnijad. 

All rights reserved for the Misagh Cultural Center.