“Haiti is alive” in Truth Cinema Festival
    2010/10/29 12:44      
This film is about last winter’s Haiti devastating earthquake and produced by Documentary and Experimental Film Center which will take part in social documentary section. This film is 58 min and in HDV format. 
In January 2010 there was an earthquake in Haiti that trembled capital of Haiti island which after two weeks had 230 thousands humane toll. From the first moments of earthquake rescue teams from various parts of the world sent there. After ten days there were still alive people under the debris but most of the media show dark side of Haitians and show their struggle for food and place for sleeping, fighting each other and showed chaos so this wrong approach made rescue programs difficult.
This film''s staffs includes:
Researcher, Director and Editor: Abedin Mahdavi, filmography: Danesh Saroee, Mohsen Kasaee, sound: Nader Alimardani, sound Mix: Mohammad Ebrahim Gorji, Graphic: Mahdi KhoshneJad, Writer: Davoud Ajorlu, Narrator: Abedin Mahdavi, Photographer: Mohsen Kasaee, Music: Babak Safarnejad, Producer: DEFC.
This Festival will be holding on 8th to 12th of November 2010 at Tehran.

Source: Artna

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