February, Tehran
Iranian grassroots movements praise and pay respect to Hugo Chavez
    2013/02/01 01:19      

While Dr. Ahmadinezhad, the President of Islamic Republic of Iran was on his way to Caracas to attend the official ceremony on the passing of President Chavez, representatives of a number of grassroots organizations in Iran visited the embassy of Venezuela in Tehran to pay respect to the true follower of Simon Bolivar and the leader of Bolivarian revolution who died as a hero in his struggle to defend the sovereignty of his nation and to liberate peoples of Latin America. 
The day after Chavez death representatives from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also Ambassadors and diplomats from several countries including Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador went to the Venezuelan embassy and signed the memorial book on Hugo Chavez. Likewise, the representatives of the House of Latin America (HOLA) and the SI Solidarity with Iran Campaign expressed their solidarity with the people of Venezuela. 
Among the several delegations who delivered their condolences and messages of solidarity at the Venezuelan embassy were: Vahid Jalili, the Director of Cultural Front of Islamic Revolution and Mohammad Saleh Meftah, the Director of Tribon Mostazafin Internet site who presented a poster of Chavez as an artwork to Mr. Amenothep Zambrano, the new Ambassador of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Iran. With the suggestion of Zamberano the artwork was immediately posted on a wall right in front of the table on which the memorial book on Chavez death was put for the visitors to sign. 
The visitors also included representatives from other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as the Omat Vahedeh and Justice Seekers without Frontiers as well as delegations coming from the religious city of Qom. Salim Ghafouri, the Director of Misagh Cultural Center presented copies of the documentary named “In the Name of Freedom” to the Venezuelan Ambassador in different versions with subtitles in English, Spanish and Farsi. The documentary directed by Mohsen Asgharzadeh Mousavi is about the October 2012 presidential elections in Venezuela and has been sponsored by the Misagh and HOLA. Mousavi is currently in Caracas filming the funeral ceremony of Hugo Chavez. 
The sorrow of Chavez passing which was expressed in the strong solidarity message of President Ahmadinezhad was shared by millions of Iranian citizen. This could be observed by condolences expressed at the Venezuelan embassy in Tehran by delegates representing a number of organizations within the movement of Iranian university students, namely the University Student Mobilization and the Justice Seeking University Student Movement. In part of the message of Justice Seeking University Student Movement which was read by the Director of this movement at the embassy, it is stated: 
“With no doubt, Hugo Chavez is one of the distinguished historical personalities who stood against the world hegemonic powers and together with his people resisted the imperialists economic, political and propagandistic pressures and even their attempts for coup d’etat. Chavez became a hero for not only the people of Venezuela but also a unique leader for the freedom lovers and justice seeking people of Latin America. He turned to an axis of resistance in the world and took side with the great Islamic revolution and the Islamic resistance in Palestine and Lebanon.”


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