Alone among the Taliban

Researcher and Director: Mohsen Eslamzadeh

Director of photography: Mohsen EslamZadeh

Editor: Esmail Alizade

Writer: Ali Pirhadi

Production year: 2014-16

Country: Afghanistan

Duration: 1 episode, 60 minutes

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It was necessary for Mohsen Eslamzadeh, the Iranian filmmaker to make some journeys to Afghanistan, in order to get permission for filming in Taliban''s areas, that it was impossible for other filmmakers in the last decade, at least.

The documentary "Alone among the Taliban" is trying to transfer a direct narration to the viewers. The filmmaker goes to everywhere that is possible, from jail to courts of Islamic state, to have interviews with local authorities and the members of the Fatwa council. Although Eslamzadeh asked Taliban to have a visit with one of their big authorities, but...

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كليه حقوق اين اثر متعلق به ميباشد.
هرگونه تقليد و نقل مطالب بدون ذكر منبع ممنوع می باشد.

Producer :
Seid Salim Ghafouri

Researcher & Director :
Mohsen Eslamzadeh

Camera :
Mohsen Eslamzadeh

Graphist :
Mehdi Khoshnejad

Producing Manager:
Hamidreza Majidi

Esmail Alizade

Ali Pirhadi

Editor Assistant:
Morteza Khoshnejad

Motion Graphics:
Ali Pourebadi