Younes Rajabi

Birth: 1981 Shahriar

Education: Graphic Designing, Bachelor of Arts, Islamic Revolution University


Web Site:

Working as the Graphic designer of national and international events including:
Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)
Gaza flotilla raid, (Asian caravan heads to terminate the siege of Gaza)
International summit of professors and Islamic Awakening
Logo of the Quran competition of armed forces of Islamic countries
The twenty sixth Fajr international Music festival
Music of Resistance’s the fifth festival
Three courses of meetings and gatherings of students of Islamic World
Three courses of Quran and today’s science
Azadegan visual arts festival
The third cinema, (perspective on Latin America’s cinema), the 24th Fajr international film festival
New sound concert, (new music of Latin America), Niavaran cultural centre and etc.

Working experiences as graphic designer for "IKNA" press and "Islamic Madhahib 
Designing different logos for different companies and institutions
Holding selected posters’ exhibits in Shafagh gallery (October 2009) and Khavaran cultural center (March 2011)
Individual poster exhibition, “40 Steps to Freedom”, on the occasion of Ghods day in Ferdous (paradise) and Islamic revolution cultural centers, Mashhad, 2013
Individual poster exhibition named “Deserving the Sky” on the occasion of the Holy Defence week, Islamic Revolution cultural centre, Mashhad 2013  
Attending diverse graphic and poster exhibitions and also receiving prize and reward in some of them such as:
The first bismillah exhibition, two sessions of calligraphy of God’s names, two sessions of Ashura mourning posters, the second two-yearly poster exhibition of  Islam World, the third two-yearly graphic exhibition of Islam World, the tenth international Biennial poster exhibition  in Tehran.
And etc…

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