The Uprising of Sahara

Director: Mohsen Eslamzade

Director of photography: Mohsen EslamZade | Mahdi KhoshNejad
Editor: Esmail Alizade
Writer: ali Nourabadi
Production year: 2011 - 2012
Country: Libya
Duration: 1 episode | 50 minutes

It has been for years that the world media has only heard the name of “General Gaddafi” and his brawls from Libya. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many discussions about the revolution in this country. This film tries to disclose the 42-year of Gaddafi’s sovereignty over Libyan people and what he has done to them, besides, the film introduces Libya to the world with a deeper look, in one hand,  to familiarize people with this country and on the other hand, to investigate the roots of the Revolution. The film which has been shot in revolutionary days in Libya in 2011, seeks to reach the above goals.

كليه حقوق اين اثر متعلق به ميباشد.
هرگونه تقليد و نقل مطالب بدون ذكر منبع ممنوع می باشد.


Directed by: Mohsen Eslamzadeh

Excutive Producer: Salim Ghafouri

Research: Dr. Sadegh Hoseyni

Production Managers:
Mohammad Jafar Sharifi (Libya)
Mohammad Heshmati (Iran)

Light and Camera:
Mohsen Eslamzadeh
Mehdi Khoshnejad

Edit: Amir Kiani

Sound: Mehdi Jamshidian

Sound Mix:
Mehrdad Jelokhani
Sound Studio Simaye Mehr

Photo: Mehdi Zharfi

Asad Omidvar Seighalani

Dubbing Director:
Davood Namayandeh

Writer: Hamid NoorAbadi

Hasan Khameya