Life Among War Flags
Life Among War Flags” is the narration of war from two perspectives. the army of Afghanistan government; and then the Taliban.

The Motherland
Hearing the news of the massacre of Rohingya’s Muslims in a neighbor country, Myanmar, Amjad Hussein, the Bangladeshi activist, decides to get information about their situation...

Kawthar Al-Bashrawy is a Tunisian journalist , programs presenter, and one of the most famous Arab media workers. She worked at MBC, Alarabiya and Aljazeera channels.

Persians of Zanzibar
there are people who despite their black skins, claim that they descend from the Shiraz generation...

Sunnis in Iran
Ahmad Moustafa Ahmad Moustafa is an Egyptian journalist. He finds the chance to visit Iran and meet Sunnis people living in this country to know if the image western media represent from Iran is true

In the Name of Liberty
“In the Name of Liberty” is a documentary about the concept of freedom and liberation for which the director of this film i