Opinions about Alone among the Taliban
The documentary clearly reveals that members of the Taliban are indigenous from the province, whose ranks do not comprise foreign fighters.
:Tehran Times
  Iranian docs competing at Al Jazeera festival
TEHRAN -- Three Iranian documentaries are competing at the 9th Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival, which is currently underway in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
  North Jersey Human Rights Film Festival
Announcing the First Annual North Jersey Human Rights Film Festival, to be held at The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ
The accepted documentary film titles have been released by
  31st Fajr International Film Festival
31st Fajr International Film Festival releases the documentary film titles that have been accepted at the section of Cinema Verite in the 31st Fajr International Film Festival
Tehran Times Art Desk
  Iranian filmmaker portrays 15 days of his stay among the Taliban
TEHRAN – Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Eslamzadeh has portrayed 15 days of his stay among the Taliban in a documentary entitled “Alone among the Taliban”.
February, Tehran
  Iranian grassroots movements praise and pay respect to Hugo Chavez
Salim Ghafouri, the Director of Misagh Cultural Center presented copies of the documentary named “In the Name of Freedom” to the Venezuelan Ambassador in different versions with subtitles in English, Spanish and Farsi. The documentary directed by Mohsen Asgharzadeh Mousavi
broadcast in English:
  The Documentary of "Sunnis in Iran" from PressTV
An Egyptian journalist comes to Iran to see how the Sunnis live in this country. He wants to know if the image western media represent from Iran is true or not.
Reza Borji:
  My biggest wish is a world free from oppression, war and bloodshed
This 48 year old artist started photography in the war fronts when he was nineteen. He has a bachelors degree in photography...
  Persians of Zanzibar in Press TV
This doc unfolds the story of a group of people from Shiraz, Iran, who travelled to Zanzibar, an island in Tanzania thousands of years ago.
Tehran Times:
  IAF to host exhibit on world terrorism
TEHRAN – The Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) will be playing host to an exhibition of cartoons and photos centering on world terrorism opening on August 27.
Narrated by "Ahmad Mostafa" and directed by "Mohsen Eslamzadeh",
  Al-Alam Channel, broadcasts the documentary of "The Sunni Muslims in Iran"
The 6-episode documentary movie "The Sunni Muslims in Iran" is a narrative of Ahmad's 11000 kilometers tour in Iran.
In Tehran Truth Cinema Festival
  Srebrenica Muslim Massacre (genocide) by Serbs
Artna: “Srebrenica Mothers” long documentary by Reza Borji, will screen in Political section of Truth Cinema Festival at Tehran.
  Sahar TV's report about "Rohingya" photo gallery
any observer by watching their life, can understand they escaped from a hell. the life in camps is not a life, it's just survive...
  “Haiti is alive” in Truth Cinema Festival
“Haiti is alive” documentary by Abedin Mahdavi will screen in Fourth Truth Cinema Festival.
  Cuban Embassy visits the MISAGH Cultural Center, in Tehran
IRAN, August 26, 2013.- The Second Secretary of Cuba, Norberto Escalona Carrillo, was received by Mr. Abdol Hamid Shahrabi, journalist, friend ofCuba, coordinator of HOLA (House of AMERICA) and the MISAGH Cultural Center.
Reza Borji addresses Alfred Yaghobzadeh:
  Did you take photos of cutting hands of Gana children’s by Israelis?
Artna: did you took photos of hands of Gana children’s by Israelis and prepare report? Did you present there for 6 month? How about three month?
the life of Myanmar's refugees in Bangladesh
  Photo Gallery: Rohingya; the Displaced Nation
Mehdi Khoshnejad (Iran)
Zafar khan (Bangladesh)
United Nations Environment Programme:
  Winners of UNEP International Photo Competition Announced
From Wildlife and Waste Tips to Slums and Stewardship: UNEP’s “Focus on Your World” Photo Competition...
Press TV:
  Iranian documentaries partake in Al Jazeera festival
Three Iranian documentary productions have been presented at the 9th Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Qatar’s capital, Doha
Mehr News Agency, Iran:
  Tehran Municipality Buys War Photos
Iranian photographer Reza Borji at a cost of Rls2b during the opening ceremony held on Sunday evening for his exhibition in Paidari Cultural Center at Behesht Gallery.
Misagh Cultural Centre in:
  Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival
After the Libyan Revolution on February 17, 2011, Abu-Salim prison became notorious for its horrible stories...