Director: Reza Borji
Production Year: 2003
Country: Iraq

Mohammad Abd-Battat is an Iraqi freelance journalist and photographer. He is the first photographer who enters the city of Khoramshahr in...

In the Name of Liberty
Director: Seid Mohsen Mousavi
Production year: 2012
Country: Venezuela

“In the Name of Liberty” is a documentary about the concept of freedom and liberation for which the director of this film is looking at America.

Iraq, the Land of Wars
Director: Reza Borji - Salim Ghafouri
Production Year: 2003
Country: Iraq

In the spring 1382 (2003), American army started its entire attacks from all possible locations, e.g. earth, sky and the sea to Iraq only to...

Mother Ghorbun
Director: Yaser Arab
Production year: 2011-2012
Country: Iran

Director of this documentary film believes that “there should be a newer look at the events after all”.

Black Dreams
Director: Mostafa Hariri
Production year: 2010-2011
Country: The Republic Sudan/ The Southern Sudan

In January 2011, Africa witnessed the first separation in 21st century and birth of a new country in north of the continent. Sudan which is the biggest country in Africa faces the longest civil war in history...

Mothers of Srebrenica
Director: Reza Borji
Production year:2010
Country: Bosnia Herzegovina

In 1995, the Nederland’s forces in UN helped the Serbs enter the city of Serbernitsa after 4 years of encircling the Muslim people there.

Flying in the Water
Director: Ruhollah Ghasemi-amir Shamloofard
Production year: 1391
Country: Iran

“Flying in the Water” is a documentary, portraying lives of some of those injured people with amputated body parts and spinal cords in Shiraz who found a scuba diving team...

The Hidden War
Director: Vahid Faraji
Production year: 2005
Country: Lebanon

The 33-day war in Lebanon in 2006 was a perfect laboratory for America to test its various weapons...